Friday, December 12, 2014

1,2,3 action!!!

Assalamualaikum y'alls! Hehe firstly, salam jumaat to all muslims :)

Have u read Al-Kahfi? If u haven't, so let's spend just a little time to read.

It's enough to read at least the first and last ten verses.

Okay? Hehe.

So, semalam our Sir Rauyani taught us about barriers to critical thinking on the morning class.

Then, he asked us to make a role play.

 Actually dia suruh present the role play on the evening class.

But ada yang minta utk present the role play today.

At least we have enough time to practice.

So he agreed :D

Then semalam around 9 p.m. kitorg pun practice the scenes at the musolla.

Seb baik musolla blok B as I'm staying in block B. Haha :D

So the sisters agreed to combine to make one story tp still acting according to our own group and the title given to each group.

Oh lupa nak bgtau those barriers : Egocentrism, Sociocentrism, Unwarrented Assumptions and Stereotype, Wishful thinking, and Scapegoating.

As sociocentrism will be presented by the brothers, the rest will be presented by the sisters.

And my group has to present about Unwarrented assumptions and stereotype.

Wanna know more about these barriers? Go google lah haha :'D

So here are some pictures of us. Hehe :)

So, these are my group members. Me, Fiqa Khairi, Teyha, and FIqa Rahim :D

ok please ignore my jerawats atas dahi yang sangat menonjol pffttt :|

Ok gambar brothers xde. Eh tak, ada ada tp malas nk minta permission utk masukkan huhuhu.

So okay that's all :)


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