Thursday, December 11, 2014

new books yeay yeay yeay

Hai Assalamualaikum semua!! Hehe. Oh yeah more books! Yeayyy. Thanks to Aqilah Azmi for buying these books for me. Love yah ❤

Well actually, kitorang sebenarnya dah pegi Big Bad Wolf on 6th December which means on the first day it started. As we were quite late arrived there, we couldn't grab all the books that we wanted to buy. Well, memang agak menyedihkan lah kan. Huhu. But it's okay. Next time boleh pegi lagi *ayat sedapkan hati* hahahahaha

Then this cute girl told me that she wants to go there again on thursday (today). So, apa lagi kan? Amy terus bgtau dia yg amy nak buku chicken soup for the soul. And yeah! Dia belikan. As u see picture up there. Hehe.

Masa pegi masatu mcm penat gak lah. Sampai sana dekat pukul dua. Solat zohor dulu. Lepas tu baru memborong. Tu pun ok dah sbnrnya. Haha. I bought 9 books and it costs me only RM76 OKAY!! Pergh gila kan? So here's the book

Well baru start baca Attachments. Tu pun baru brp chapter. I'm quite busy as the semester will be ended in a few weeks. Dengan assignments bagai. Ceh bajet banyak sgt kerja. Padahal satu analytical essay. Two pages je kena buat haha. Ni mmg dasar pemalas amy woi haha. Ok so I'll show u a few pictures dekat Big Bad Wolf tu hihihi 


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  1. Most welcome amy yg super cantik hikhik.
    Tahun dpn mesti gi first day and awal gila oles haha. Btw smlm i gi pukul 10 dkt lrt so mmg balik awal lah jugak cehhhh dh ada strategi gituuuu hahahahahhah